Jason Clary

Artist and craftsman Jason Clary began as a sculptor, potter, mixed media artist, and builder. However, it was a pile of heritage barn timber, filled with rusty nails and slated for bonfire, that sparked in Jason a need to create his distinctive, functional pieces of art, which now appear in prominent homes across North America.

Influenced by an apprenticeship with a world-renowned ceramic artist, as well as his experience as a custom builder, woodworker, and designer, Jason uses enduring materials, structural design, and traditional building methods to create innovative, timeless pieces.

Rusty Nail Design

After Jason founded Rusty Nail Design in 2004, demand for his exceptional work grew quickly. In the years since, every quality piece designed and built in the studio has been born out of the question, ‘Is it possible?’

Today, Rusty Nail Design is known for making imagination tangible, from unique interior spaces—like fantastical bunk rooms, train rooms, or pirate ship playrooms—to hot rod chairs, elaborate beds made for daydreaming, and other custom, handcrafted pieces.

As the company continues to grow, their focus remains on creating enduring, superior furniture and unparalleled indoor experiences.


Inspired by lichen-covered granite and weathered, 500-year old elm, Rusty Nail Design is built on the conviction that one-of-a-kind, lasting quality takes time. Beautifully made pieces—crafted with innately stunning materials honored by timeless design and hewn by hand—forge a depth of experience unequaled by mass-produced, ephemeral furniture.